Experimental Investigations into Using Motion Capture State Feedback for Real-Time Control of a Humanoid Robot基于运动捕捉状态反馈的仿人机器人实时控制实验研究Download
Superior Gait Symmetry and Postural Stability among Yoga Instructors—Inertial Measurement Unit-Based Evaluation基于惯性测量单元的瑜伽教练步态对称性和姿势稳定性评价Download
Evaluation of center of mass estimation for obese using statically equivalent serial chain用静态等效串联链评估肥胖患者的质心估计Download
A Differential Inertial Wearable Device for Breathing Parameter Detection: Hardware and Firmware Development, Experimental Characterization一种用于呼吸参数检测的差动惯性可穿戴设备:硬件和固件开发、实验表征Download
Self-Calibrating Magnetometer-Free Inertial Motion Tracking of 2-DoF Joints2-DoF关节的自校准无磁强计惯性运动跟踪Download
Quantification of Error Sources with Inertial Measurement Units in Sports运动中惯性测量单元误差源的量化Download
Automated and Continuous Fatigue Monitoring in Construction Workers Using Forearm EMG and IMU Wearable Sensors and Recurrent Neural Network使用前臂EMG和IMU可穿戴传感器和递归神经网络自动连续监测建筑工人的疲劳Download
Real-Time Human Activity Recognition with IMU and Encoder Sensors in Wearable Exoskeleton Robot via Deep Learning Networks基于深度学习网络的可穿戴外骨骼机器人IMU和编码器传感器实时人体活动识别Download
Posture Monitoring and Correction Exercises for Workers in Hostile Environments Utilizing Non-Invasive Sensors: Algorithm Development and Validation使用非侵入式传感器对敌对环境中的工人进行姿势监测和纠正练习:算法开发和验证Download
Hand Gesture Recognition Using EMG-IMU Signals and Deep Q-Networks基于EMG-IMU信号和深度Q网络的手势识别Download
Autonomous Control of the Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle in Collision Situation with Stationary Obstacle水下遥控器与静止障碍物碰撞的自主控制Download
Wearable Inertial Sensor-Based Hand-Guiding Gestures Recognition Method Robust to Significant Changes in the Body-Alignment of Subject基于可穿戴惯性传感器的手势识别方法,可耐受主体身体对齐的显著变化Download
Activity Recognition With Machine Learning in Manual Grinding基于机器学习的手工磨削活动识别Download
Investigating External and Internal Loads in Male Older Adult Basketball Players during Official Games成年男子篮球运动员在正式比赛期间的内外负荷调查Download
OA-Pain-Sense: Machine Learning Prediction of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Pain from IMU DataOA疼痛感知:基于IMU数据的髋关节和膝关节骨性关节炎疼痛的机器学习预测Download
Visual inertial odometry based gait analysis using waist-attached RGB-D camera and inertial sensors使用腰部RGB-D相机和惯性传感器的基于视觉惯性里程计的步态分析Download
A Comparison of Hip Muscle Mass, Muscle Power, and Clinical Outcomes with Long-Term Follow-Up in Patients with Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty Compared to Metal-on-Polyethylene Hip Arthroplasty金属对金属髋关节置换术与金属对聚乙烯髋关节置换手术患者髋关节肌肉质量、肌力和长期随访临床结果的比较Download
A Stable Method for Detecting Driver Maneuvers Using a Rule Classifier一种基于规则分类器的驾驶员机动检测方法Download
Automated detection of construction work at heights and deployment of safety hooks using IMU with a barometer使用带气压计的IMU自动检测高空施工作业和安全钩的部署Download
ViT-LLMR: Vision Transformer-based lower limb motion recognition from fusion signals of MMG and IMUViT LLMR:基于视觉变换器的MMG和IMU融合信号下肢运动识别Download
Automatic Assessment of Functional Movement Screening Exercises with Deep Learning Architectures在深度学习架构下的功能运动筛选练习的自动评估Download
Extraction of Lumbar Spine Motion Using a 3-IMU Wearable Cluster使用可穿戴3轴IMU群提取腰椎运动Download
Improved Spatiotemporal Framework for Human Activity Recognition in Smart Environment智能环境中人类活动识别的改进时空框架Download
Validity of Spatio-Temporal Gait Parameters in Healthy Young Adults Using a Motion-Sensor-Based Gait Analysis System (ORPHE ANALYTICS) during Walking and Running使用基于运动传感器的步态分析系统(ORPHE ANALYTICS)对健康年轻人步行和跑步时的时空步态参数的有效性Download
Validation of inertial measurement units to detect and predict horse behaviour while stabled验证惯性测量装置,以检测和预测马匹在马厩中的行为Download
Multimodal Human Motion Synchronization Dataset多模态人体运动同步数据集Download
A monitoring method of freezing of gait based on multimodal fusion基于多模态融合的步态冻结监测方法Download
Naturalistic E-Scooter Maneuver Recognition with Federated Contrastive Rider Interaction Learning基于联合对比骑手交互学习的自然E-cooter机动识别Download
DRG-Keyboard: Enabling Subtle Gesture Typing on the Fingertip with Dual IMU RingsDRG键盘:使用双IMU环在指尖上实现微妙的手势输入Download
Evaluating footwear “in the wild”: Examining wrap and lace trail shoe closures during trail running评估鞋款“野外”:在越野跑过程中检查鞋套和鞋带Download
Semi-automated impact device based on human behaviour recognition model for in-service modal analysis基于人类行为识别模型的半自动冲击装置用于在役模态分析Download
Concurrent Validity of the Inertial Measurement Unit Vmaxpro in Vertical Jump Estimation惯性测量单元Vmaxpro在垂直跳跃估计中的并发有效性Download
Artificial Neural Network-Based Activities Classification, Gait Phase Estimation, and Prediction基于人工神经网络的活动分类、步态相位估计和预测Download
Design and Validation of a Low-Level Controller for Hierarchically Controlled Exoskeletons分层控制外骨骼低级控制器的设计和验证Download
Inertial Tracking System for Monitoring Dual Mobility Hip Implants In Vitro用于体外监测双活动髋关节植入物的惯性跟踪系统Download