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Health Care: Riablo fall risk prediction for a new digital health management experience!

As the aging population increases, fall risk has become a problem that cannot be ignored by the elderly. In order to protect the elderly, the disabled and other people who are vulnerable to fall, and to detect the risk of possible fall of the elderly in time, fall risk prediction devices have been created.

Riablo, a motor function training and assessment system from Euleria Health, uses high-precision wearable inertial sensors (IMU), balance panels and fall risk assessment algorithms to enable the elderly and other people vulnerable to fall injuries to identify potential fall risks early and take early preventive and therapeutic measures to avoid fall injuries.

Riablo collects data on five scientifically validated combinations of movements (chair stand test, rise timing, half turn, alternate step, figure of eight) to assess static and dynamic fall risk.

Chair stand test
Stand-up test
alternate step

Figure of 8 step

The results of the fall risk assessment can be easily viewed on the Riablo APP, allowing users to know the risks early and take early preventive and therapeutic measures to avoid fall injuries.

Riablo Fall Risk Forecast Report

In addition to fall risk detection programs, Riablo offers a wealth of motor rehabilitation training programs, such as joint mobility, gait analysis, and balance function assessment, which conveniently provide objective quantitative assessment results of high clinical value.

Riablo has received European CE Class 1/m certification, over 200 European clinics/rehabilitation centers have integrated Riablo into their daily practice, and Riablo has established partnerships with important universities/research institutes around the world.

Some of Riablo's partner clinics/rehabilitation centers
Some of Riablo's partner universities/research institutes

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