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Bosch BOSCH releases new consumer IMU BMI323 with lower power consumption, built-in pedometer algorithm and new I3C interface

Bosch Bosch recently announced its new consumer IMU, the BMI323, a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope for motion-triggered applications in consumer products.

The BMI323 is the successor to the BMI160, but with better accelerometer performance and lower power consumption. The current consumption of the BMI323 is 690µA in normal mode and 790µA in high performance mode, compared to 925µA for the BMI160, a reduction of nearly 15%.

The BMI323 has a self-calibrating 16-bit tri-axis gyroscope, a 16-bit tri-axis accelerometer and a 16-bit digital temperature sensor in a 2.5*3*0.83mm 14-pin LGA package that is pin-pin compatible with the BMI160 and other products.

In terms of interfaces, the BMI323 includes I3C interfaces in addition to I2C and SPI interfaces, which is the first IMU product released by Bosch Sensortec to include I3C interfaces.

The BMI323 includes Bosch Sensortec's plug-and-play pedometer software, so users don't have to spend time developing their own algorithms.

As stated by Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO of Bosch Sensortec, "The BMI323 combines simplicity with an excellent price/performance ratio and will open up new applications for the IMU." "These will include standard consumer products such as toys, game controllers, remote controls, wearable devices, fitness trackers, smart watches, and tablets and laptops."

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