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Tsinghua University: Tightly Coupled Radar Visual Inertial Odometry Solution (FT-LVIO)

Zhou Zhang from Tsinghua UniversityScientific ResearchThe team proposed a novel VIO scheme within the framework of the error-state iterative Kalman filter:FT-LVIO--A kind ofA fully tightly coupled multi-sensor fusion framework that consists of LIDAR,MonocularCameraSingleAnti-cameraand IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) in three parts, while fusing measurements from three complementary sensors to achieve accurate and stable self-motion estimation. The team performed extensive simulation experiments on the dataset and also performed ablation experiments to evaluate the performance of FT-LVIO. The results show that FT-LIVO has the highest accuracy.

Figure 1 Overview of FT-LVIO system

Figure 2 Handheld device used for the experiment (left panel) and data collection process (right panel)

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