Trademark 3840-480

Efficient assessment of fitness data via Apple Watch IMU sensors

Velocity-based training (VBT) methods, which have become popular in recent years, have gained wide acceptance in the industry by measuring and analyzing changes in velocity during exercise. Today's advanced smart wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch with built-in IMU technology, are able to effectively measure speed metrics during resistance training, allowing for more accurate quantification of training loads. A recent study focusing on the accuracy of the Apple Watch in measuring speed parameters during free weight squat training, by comparing data from IMU devices with optical motion capture systems, confirmed that such IMU smart devices perform quite well in measuring speed.

This research demonstrates the potential for IMUs to be widely used in fitness and strength training, and signals a new training paradigm that will soon become widespread: exercisers will be able to use portable devices to monitor their training data in real time and adjust their personalized training regimens accordingly, thus better tracking their progress and improving their exercise results.