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Selected Papers for November 2022 - Motion Capture

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload Links
Visual-Based Kinematics and Pose Estimation for Skid-Steering RobotsVision-based kinematics and attitude estimation for a slip-steering robot Download
Validity and reliability of the Output sport device for assessing drop jump performanceReliability of motion assessment output devices for evaluating skydiving performance Download
Using Sensor Technology to Measure Gait Capacity and Gait Performance in Rehabilitation Inpatients with Neurological DisordersMeasurement of gait ability and gait performance using sensor technology in rehabilitation inpatients with neurological disorders Download
Towards a telehealth infrastructure supported by machine learning on edge/fog for Parkinson's movement screeningBuilding a telehealth infrastructure for Parkinson's exercise screening supported by machine learning on the edge/fog Download
Stride frequency derived from GPS speed fluctuations in galloping horsesStep frequencies derived from GPS speed fluctuations in a Mercedes-Benz horse Download
Scoring the Sit-to-Stand Performance of Parkinson's Patients with a Single Wearable SensorScoring sit-to-stand performance in Parkinson's disease patients using a single wearable sensor Download
Pilot Validation Study of Inertial Measurement Units and Markerless Methods for 3D Neck and Trunk Kinematics during a Simulated Surgery TaskA preliminary validation study of three-dimensional neck and torso kinematic IMU and markerless methods in simulated surgical tasks Download
Phenotypic correlations between jump and gaits characteristics measured by inertial measurement units in horse jumping training - preliminary resultsPhenotypic correlations between IMU-measured jumping and gait characteristics in vaulting training. Preliminary results Download
Markerless Radio Frequency Indoor Monitoring for Telemedicine: Gait Analysis, Indoor Positioning, Fall Detection, Tremor Analysis, Vital Signs and Sleep MonitoringTagless RF indoor monitoring for telemedicine: gait analysis, indoor localization, fall detection, tremor analysis, vital signs and sleep monitoring Download
Machine Learning for Detection and Risk Assessment of Lifting ActionMachine Learning for Enhanced Action Detection and Risk Assessment Download
Glove Prototype for Feature Extraction Applied to Learning by Demonstration PurposesFeature extraction glove prototype for demonstration learning Download
Gait Trajectory Prediction on an Embedded Microcontroller Using Deep LearningDeep learning-based gait trajectory prediction for embedded microcontrollers Download
Gait Characteristics Analyzed with Smartphone IMU Sensors in Subjects with Parkinsonism under the Conditions of "Dry" ImmersionSmartphone IMU Sensor Analyzes Gait Characteristics of Parkinson's Patients in "Dry" Immersion Conditions Download
Fuzzy Logic Control of a Head-movement Based Semi-autonomous Human-machine InterfaceSemi-autonomous human-machine interface fuzzy logic control based on head motion Download
Full-Body Mobility Data to Validate Inertial Measurement Unit Algorithms in Healthy and Neurological CohortsValidation of IMU algorithms for whole body movement data in health and neural queues Download
Evaluation of Error-State Kalman Filter Method for Estimating Human Lower-Limb Kinematics during Various Walking GaitsEvaluation of the error state Kalman filter method for human lower limb motion estimation at different gaits Download
Deep Human Motion Detection and Multi-Features Analysis for Smart Healthcare Learning ToolsIntelligent Medical Learning Tools for Human Depth Motion Detection and Multi-Feature Analysis Download
Biomechanics Analysis of the Firefighters' Thorax Movement on Personal Protective Equipment during Lifting Task Using Inertial Measurement Unit Motion CaptureBiomechanical Analysis of Firefighter Chest Movements on Personal Protective Equipment Using IMU Motion Capture Download
A 3D Hand Attitude Estimation Method for Fixed Hand Posture Based on Dual-View RGB Images3D Hand Posture Estimation for Fixed Hand Poses Based on Dual View RGB Images Download