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Selected Papers for November 2022 - Motion Capture

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Visual-Based Kinematics and Pose Estimation for Skid-Steering Robots滑移转向机器人的基于视觉的运动学和姿态估计 Download
Validity and reliability of the Output sport device for assessing drop jump performance用于评估跳伞运动成绩的运动评估输出设备的可靠性 Download
Using Sensor Technology to Measure Gait Capacity and Gait Performance in Rehabilitation Inpatients with Neurological Disorders使用传感器技术测量神经系统疾病康复住院患者的步态能力和步态表现 Download
Towards a telehealth infrastructure supported by machine learning on edge/fog for Parkinson’s movement screening建立一个由边缘/雾上的机器学习支持的用于帕金森运动筛查的远程健康基础设施 Download
Stride frequency derived from GPS speed fluctuations in galloping horses从奔驰马的GPS速度波动得出的步幅频率 Download
Scoring the Sit-to-Stand Performance of Parkinson’s Patients with a Single Wearable Sensor使用单个可穿戴传感器对帕金森病患者的坐立表现进行评分 Download
Pilot Validation Study of Inertial Measurement Units and Markerless Methods for 3D Neck and Trunk Kinematics during a Simulated Surgery Task模拟手术任务中三维颈部和躯干运动学IMU和无标记方法的初步验证研究 Download
Phenotypic correlations between jump and gaits characteristics measured by inertial measurement units in horse jumping training – preliminary results跳马训练中IMU测量的跳跃和步态特征之间的表型相关性.初步结果 Download
Markerless Radio Frequency Indoor Monitoring for Telemedicine: Gait Analysis, Indoor Positioning, Fall Detection, Tremor Analysis, Vital Signs and Sleep Monitoring用于远程医疗的无标记射频室内监测:步态分析、室内定位、跌倒检测、震颤分析、生命体征和睡眠监测 Download
Machine Learning for Detection and Risk Assessment of Lifting Action机器学习用于提升动作的检测和风险评估 Download
Glove Prototype for Feature Extraction Applied to Learning by Demonstration Purposes用于演示学习的特征提取手套原型 Download
Gait Trajectory Prediction on an Embedded Microcontroller Using Deep Learning基于深度学习的嵌入式微控制器步态轨迹预测 Download
Gait Characteristics Analyzed with Smartphone IMU Sensors in Subjects with Parkinsonism under the Conditions of “Dry” Immersion智能手机 IMU 传感器在“干”浸条件下分析帕金森患者的步态特征 Download
Fuzzy Logic Control of a Head-movement Based Semi-autonomous Human–machine Interface基于头部运动的半自主人机界面模糊逻辑控制 Download
Full-Body Mobility Data to Validate Inertial Measurement Unit Algorithms in Healthy and Neurological Cohorts验证健康和神经队列中IMU算法的全身移动数据 Download
Evaluation of Error-State Kalman Filter Method for Estimating Human Lower-Limb Kinematics during Various Walking Gaits不同步态下人体下肢运动估计的误差状态卡尔曼滤波方法评价 Download
Deep Human Motion Detection and Multi-Features Analysis for Smart Healthcare Learning Tools智能医疗学习工具的人体深度运动检测和多特征分析 Download
Biomechanics Analysis of the Firefighters’ Thorax Movement on Personal Protective Equipment during Lifting Task Using Inertial Measurement Unit Motion Capture使用IMU运动捕捉对消防员在个人防护装备上的胸部运动进行生物力学分析 Download
A 3D Hand Attitude Estimation Method for Fixed Hand Posture Based on Dual-View RGB Images基于双视角RGB图像的固定手部姿势三维手姿态估计方法 Download