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Selected papers for November 2022 - Portfolio Navigation

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
Trajectory Recovery Based on Interval Forward-Backward Propagation Algorithm Fusing Multi-Source InformationTrajectory Recovery Based on Interval Forward-Backward Propagation Algorithm Fusing Multi-source Information Download
Trainable Quaternion Extended Kalman Filter with Multi-Head Attention for Dead Reckoning in Autonomous Ground VehiclesMultihead Attention Trainable Quaternion Extended Kalman Filter for Automatic Ground Vehicle Position Projection Download
Towards Integrated Digital-Twins: An Application Framework for Autonomous Maritime Surface Vessel DevelopmentToward integrated digital twins: an application framework for autonomous surface vessel development Download
The Bathy-Drone: An Autonomous Uncrewed Drone-Tethered Sonar SystemBathy UAV: Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Tethered Sonar System Download
Robotic Inspection of Underground Utilities for Construction Survey Using a Ground Penetrating RadarRobotic detection of underground facility construction surveys using ground-penetrating radar Download
RoboNav: An Affordable Yet Highly Accurate Navigation System for Autonomous Agricultural RobotsRoboNav: An economical but highly accurate navigation system for autonomous agricultural robots Download
Research on Integrated Navigation System of Agricultural Machinery Based on RTK-BDS/INSResearch on Integrated Agricultural Navigation System - RTK-BDS/INS based Machinery Download
Preparatory Railway Track Geometry Estimation Based on GNSS and IMU SystemsEstimation of railroad preparatory track geometry based on GNSS and IMU systems Download
Precision Variable-Rate Spraying Robot by Using Single 3D LIDAR in OrchardsOrchard Single 3D LIDAR Precision Variable Speed Spray Robot Download
Multi-Sensor Information Fusion for Determining Road Quality for Semi-Autonomous VehiclesMulti-sensor information fusion for road quality in semi-autonomous vehicles Download
Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose Estimation of Multi-Camera Systems using Affine CorrespondencesMinimum solver for relative attitude estimation of multi-camera systems using affine correspondences Download
Improving Vehicle Positioning Performance in Urban Environment with Tight Integration of Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK/INSImproving Vehicle Positioning Performance in Urban Environments through Tight Integration of Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK/INS Download
Guidance, Navigation and Control System for Multi-Robot Network in Monitoring and Inspection OperationsGuidance, navigation and control systems for multi-robot networks in surveillance operations Download
Fast and accurate localization and mapping method for self-driving vehicles based on a modified clustering particle filterA fast accurate positioning and mapping method for self-driving vehicles based on improved clustered particle filtering Download
Experimental Evaluation of Sensor Fusion of Low-Cost UWB and IMU for Localization under Indoor Dynamic Testing ConditionsExperimental evaluation of low-cost UWB and IMU sensor fusion localization under indoor dynamic test conditions Download
Contrast Maximization-Based Feature Tracking for Visual Odometry with an Event CameraEvent Camera Visual Ranging-Feature Tracking Based on Contrast Maximization Download
A Low-Cost Foot-Placed UWB and IMU Fusion-Based Indoor Pedestrian Tracking System for IoT ApplicationsLow-cost foot-mounted UWB and IMU fusion indoor pedestrian tracking system for IoT applications Download