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Trajectory Recovery Based on Interval Forward–Backward Propagation Algorithm Fusing Multi-Source Information基于区间正向-后向传播算法融合多源信息的轨迹恢复 Download
Trainable Quaternion Extended Kalman Filter with Multi-Head Attention for Dead Reckoning in Autonomous Ground Vehicles用于自动地面车辆航位推算的多头注意力可训练的四元数扩展卡尔曼滤波器 Download
Towards Integrated Digital-Twins: An Application Framework for Autonomous Maritime Surface Vessel Development面向集成数字孪生:自主水面船舶开发的应用框架 Download
The Bathy-Drone: An Autonomous Uncrewed Drone-Tethered Sonar SystemBathy无人机:自主无人机系索声纳系统 Download
Robotic Inspection of Underground Utilities for Construction Survey Using a Ground Penetrating Radar利用探地雷达进行地下设施施工测量的机器人检测 Download
RoboNav: An Affordable Yet Highly Accurate Navigation System for Autonomous Agricultural RobotsRoboNav:用于自主农业机器人的经济但高精度的导航系统 Download
Research on Integrated Navigation System of Agricultural Machinery Based on RTK-BDS/INS农业综合导航系统研究—基于RTK-BDS/INS的机械 Download
Preparatory Railway Track Geometry Estimation Based on GNSS and IMU Systems基于GNSS和IMU系统的铁路预备轨道几何估计 Download
Precision Variable-Rate Spraying Robot by Using Single 3D LIDAR in Orchards果园单3D激光雷达精密变速喷雾机器人 Download
Multi-Sensor Information Fusion for Determining Road Quality for Semi-Autonomous Vehicles半自主车辆道路质量的多传感器信息融合 Download
Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose Estimation of Multi-Camera Systems using Affine Correspondences利用仿射对应关系进行多摄像机系统相对姿态估计的最小求解器 Download
Improving Vehicle Positioning Performance in Urban Environment with Tight Integration of Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK/INS通过紧密集成多GNSS PPP-RTK/INS提高城市环境中的车辆定位性能 Download
Guidance, Navigation and Control System for Multi-Robot Network in Monitoring and Inspection Operations监控作业中多机器人网络的制导、导航和控制系统 Download
Fast and accurate localization and mapping method for self-driving vehicles based on a modified clustering particle filter基于改进聚类粒子滤波的自动驾驶车辆快速精确定位与映射方法 Download
Experimental Evaluation of Sensor Fusion of Low-Cost UWB and IMU for Localization under Indoor Dynamic Testing Conditions室内动态测试条件下低成本UWB和IMU传感器融合定位的实验评价 Download
Contrast Maximization-Based Feature Tracking for Visual Odometry with an Event Camera事件摄像机视觉测距—基于对比度最大化的特征跟踪 Download
A Low-Cost Foot-Placed UWB and IMU Fusion-Based Indoor Pedestrian Tracking System for IoT Applications面向物联网应用的低成本脚置UWB和IMU融合室内行人跟踪系统 Download