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Selected Papers for December 2022 - Motion Capture

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Robotic and sensor technology for frozen shoulder Rehabilitation用于肩周炎康复的机器人和传感器技术Download
An Extended Spatial Transformer Convolutional Neural Network for Gesture Recognition and Self-calibration Based on Sparse sEMG Electrodes基于稀疏sEMG电极的扩展空间变换卷积神经网络手势识别与自标定Download
An Effective Methodology for Movement Evaluation in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease帕金森病患者运动评估的有效方法Download
Angle measurement stability and cycle counting accuracy of hours-long duration IMU based arm motion tracking with application to normal shoulder ADLs基于小时长IMU的手臂运动跟踪的角度测量稳定性和周期计数精度,并应用于正常肩部日常生活活动Download
Determining Objective Parameters to Assess Gait Quality in Franches-Montagnes Horses for Ground Coverage and Over-Tracking – Part 2: At Trot确定客观参数以评估Franches Montagnes马的步态质量以进行地面覆盖和过度跟踪 – 第 2.部分:小跑Download
Validity and Reliability of the VmaxPro IMU for back squat exercise in multipower machineVmaxPro IMU在多功能机器上进行后蹲运动的有效性和可靠性Download
A 3D Hand Attitude Estimation Method for Fixed Hand Posture Based on Dual-View RGB Images基于双视角RGB图像的固定手部姿势三维手姿态估计方法Download
A Handheld Quantifiable Soft Tissue Manipulation Device for Tracking Real-Time Dispersive Force-Motion Patterns to Characterize Manual Therapy Treatment一种手持式可量化软组织操作装置,用于跟踪实时色散力-运动模式,以表征手动治疗Download
Evaluation of Hand-scaling Skills of Dental Hygienist Students: Identification of Contact between Hand-scaler Blade Tip and Tooth Surface牙科卫生专业学生的手部洁牙技能评估:手部洁齿刀头与牙齿表面接触的识别Download
Analysis of Human Gait Cycle With Body Equilibrium Based on Leg Orientation基于腿部方向的人体步态平衡分析Download