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Selected Papers for November 2022 - Posture Estimation

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
VQF: Highly accurate IMU orientation estimation with bias estimation and magnetic disturbance rejectionVQF:具有偏差估计和磁干扰抑制的高精度IMU方位估计 Download
Surface electromyography study on asymmetry in paravertebral muscle degeneration in patients with degenerative lumbar scoliosis退行性腰椎侧凸患者椎旁肌变性不对称性的表面肌电图研究 Download
Stress testing for performance analysis of orientation estimation algorithms方位估计算法性能分析的应力测试 Download
Stateful Rotor for Continuity of Quaternion and Fast Sensor Fusion Algorithm Using 9-Axis Sensors四元数连续性的状态转子和基于9轴传感器的快速传感器融合算法 Download
Quaternion-based Iterative Extended Kalman Filter for Sensor Fusion of Vision Sensor and IMU in 6-DOF Displacement Monitoring基于四元数的迭代扩展卡尔曼滤波器用于 6 自由度位移监测中视觉传感器和 IMU 的传感器融合 Download
Invariant Cubature Kalman Filtering-based visual-inertial odometry for robot pose estimation用于机器人姿态估计的基于不变Cuature Kalman滤波的视觉惯性里程计 Download
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis for Inertial Measurement Unit through Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network and Short-Time Fourier Transform基于深度残差卷积神经网络和短时傅里叶变换的IMU智能故障诊断 Download
Assessment of 3D Models Placement Methods in Augmented Reality增强现实中三维模型放置方法的评估 Download
Analysis of Gyro Bias Depending on the Position of Inertial Measurement Unit in Rotational Inertial Navigation Systems根据旋转惯性导航系统中IMU的位置分析陀螺仪偏差Download
Analysis of DOV estimation in initial alignment based on Single-axis rotating SINS基于单轴旋转SINS的初始对准DOV(垂直偏转)估计分析 Download
An inertial magnetic-induction positioning fusion method independent of attitude errors不受姿态误差影响的惯性/磁感应融合定位方法 Download
An Improved Online Self-Calibration Method Utilizing Angular Velocity Observation for Ultra High Accuracy PIGA-Based IMU一种改进的基于角速度观测的超高精度PIGA IMU在线自校准方法 Download