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Selected Papers for November 2022 - Posture Estimation

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
VQF: Highly accurate IMU orientation estimation with bias estimation and magnetic disturbance rejectionVQF: High-precision IMU orientation estimation with bias estimation and magnetic interference suppression Download
Surface electromyography study on asymmetry in paravertebral muscle degeneration in patients with degenerative lumbar scoliosisSurface electromyographic study of paravertebral muscle degeneration asymmetry in patients with degenerative lumbar scoliosis Download
Stress testing for performance analysis of orientation estimation algorithmsStress test for performance analysis of azimuth estimation algorithm Download
Stateful Rotor for Continuity of Quaternion and Fast Sensor Fusion Algorithm Using 9-Axis SensorsState rotor with quaternion continuity and fast sensor fusion algorithm based on 9-axis sensors Download
Quaternion-based Iterative Extended Kalman Filter for Sensor Fusion of Vision Sensor and IMU in 6-DOF Displacement MonitoringQuaternion-based Iterative Extended Kalman Filter for Sensor Fusion of Vision Sensors and IMUs in 6 Degrees of Freedom Displacement Monitoring Download
Invariant Cubature Kalman Filtering-based visual-inertial odometry for robot pose estimationInvariant Cuature Kalman filter-based visual inertial odometry for robot attitude estimation Download
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis for Inertial Measurement Unit through Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network and Short-Time Fourier TransformIntelligent fault diagnosis of IMU based on deep residual convolutional neural network and short-time Fourier transform Download
Assessment of 3D Models Placement Methods in Augmented RealityEvaluation of 3D model placement methods in augmented reality Download
Analysis of Gyro Bias Depending on the Position of Inertial Measurement Unit in Rotational Inertial Navigation SystemsAnalysis of gyroscope bias based on the position of IMUs in rotating inertial navigation systemsDownload
Analysis of DOV estimation in initial alignment based on Single-axis rotating SINSAnalysis of initial alignment DOV (vertical deflection) estimation based on single-axis rotational SINS Download
An inertial magnetic-induction positioning fusion method independent of attitude errorsInertial/magnetic induction fusion localization method independent of attitude error Download
An Improved Online Self-Calibration Method Utilizing Angular Velocity Observation for Ultra High Accuracy PIGA-Based IMUAn improved online self-calibration method for ultra-high accuracy PIGA IMU based on angular velocity observation Download