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Selected Papers for November 2022 - Smart Hardware

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
ThumbUp: Secure Smartwatch Controller for Smart Homes using Simple Hand GesturesThumbUp:为智能家居设计的使用简单手势的安全智能手表控制器 Download
Orientation Prediction for VR and AR Devices Using Inertial Sensors Based on Kalman-like Error Compensation基于类卡尔曼误差补偿的惯性传感器用于VR和AR器件的定向预测 Download
Gait Events Prediction Using Hybrid CNN-RNN-Based Deep Learning Models through a Single Waist-Worn Wearable Sensor通过单个腰部佩戴式可穿戴传感器使用基于CNN-RNN的混合深度学习模型进行步态事件预测 Download
Deep-Learning-Based Character Recognition from Handwriting Motion Data Captured Using IMU and Force Sensors基于深度学习的手写运动数据字符识别 Download
A novel Feature extraction method for Pre-Impact Fall detection system using Deep learning and wearable sensors一种新的基于深度学习和可穿戴传感器的碰撞前坠落检测系统特征提取方法 Download