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Selected Papers for November 2022 - Smart Hardware

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
ThumbUp: Secure Smartwatch Controller for Smart Homes using Simple Hand GesturesThumbUp: A secure smartwatch controller for the smart home that uses simple gestures Download
Orientation Prediction for VR and AR Devices Using Inertial Sensors Based on Kalman-like Error CompensationKalman-like error compensation-based inertial sensors for directional prediction of VR and AR devices Download
Gait Events Prediction Using Hybrid CNN-RNN-Based Deep Learning Models through a Single Waist-Worn Wearable SensorGait event prediction by a single waist-worn wearable sensor using a hybrid CNN-RNN based deep learning model Download
Deep-Learning-Based Character Recognition from Handwriting Motion Data Captured Using IMU and Force SensorsHandwritten motion data character recognition based on deep learning Download
A novel Feature extraction method for Pre-Impact Fall detection system using Deep learning and wearable sensorsA new feature extraction method for pre-crash fall detection system based on deep learning and wearable sensors Download