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Selected IMU Papers for January 2023 - Pose Estimation

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
Investigation of the Impact of Damaged Smartphone Sensors' Readings on the Quality of Behavioral Biometric ModelsAn Investigation of the Impact of Damaged Smartphone Sensor Readings on the Quality of Behavioral Biometric ModelsDownload
An equivalent source method for removal of attitude-induced responses in drone-towed magnetic scalar gradiometry dataAn Equivalent Source Method for Removing Attitude-Induced Response from UAV Traction Magnetic Scalar Gradient Measurement DataDownload
Performance Evaluation of Complex Equipment Considering Resume InformationComplex device performance evaluation considering overview informationDownload
Learning to Cycle: Is Velocity a Control Parameter for Children's Cycle Patterns on the Balance Bike?LEARNING BIKE: Is speed the controlling parameter for kids' bike mode on a balance bike?Download
Investigation of Thresholds for Asymmetry Indices to Represent the Visual Assessment of Single Limb Lameness by Expert Veterinarians on Horses Trotting in a Straight LineStudy of the threshold of the asymmetry index to represent the visual assessment of single limb lameness by professional veterinarians in horses trotting in a straight lineDownload
Automated vehicle data pipeline for accident reconstruction: New insights from LiDAR, camera, and radar dataAutomated vehicle data pipelines for accident reconstruction: new insights from LiDAR, camera and radar dataDownload
Development of Starfish-Shaped Two-Ring Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Vibratory Ring Gyroscope with C-Shaped Springs for Higher Sensitivity †Development of a star-shaped dual-ring microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) vibrating ring gyroscope with a higher sensitivity C-springDownload
The contribution of multibody optimization when using inertial measurement units to compute lower-body kinematicsContribution of multibody optimization in the calculation of lower body kinematics using IMUsDownload
A hybrid learning-based stochastic noise eliminating method with attention-Conv-LSTM network for low-cost MEMS gyroscopeLow-cost MEMS gyroscope random noise cancellation based on hybrid learningDownload
A Framework for Analytical Validation of Inertial-Sensor-Based Knee Kinematics Using a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Joint SimulatorA validation framework for inertial sensor knee kinematic analysis based on a six-degree-of-freedom joint simulatorDownload
Bias-Repeatability Analysis of Vacuum-Packaged 3-Axis MEMS Gyroscope Using Oven-Controlled SystemBias Repeatability Analysis of Vacuum-Encapsulated Three-Axis Microelectromechanical GyroscopesDownload
CROMOSim: A Deep Learning-Based Cross-Modality Inertial Measurement SimulatorCROMOSim: a deep learning-based cross-modal inertial measurement simulatorDownload
An Optimal Fusion Method of Multiple Inertial Measurement Units Based on Measurement Noise Variance EstimationOptimal fusion method of multiple inertial measurement units based on measurement noise variance estimationDownload
Spacecraft attitude estimation under attitude tracking maneuver during close-proximity operationsSpacecraft attitude estimation under close combat attitude tracking maneuversDownload
Highly Robust Two-stage LiDAR-IMU External Parameter Online Calibration AlgorithmHighly robust two-stage lidar inertial measurement unit external parameter online calibration algorithmDownload
Reduce System Redundancy and Optimize Sensor Disposition for EMG-IMU Multi-modal Fusion Human-Machine Interfaces with XAIReducing System Redundancy and Optimizing Sensor Configurations for the EMG-IMU Multimodal Fusion HMI with XAIDownload
Turntable IMU Calibration Algorithm Based on the Fourier Transform TechniqueIMU calibration algorithm for turntable based on Fourier transform techniqueDownload
Kinematic Modelling and Position Control of A 3-DOF Parallel Stabilizing Robot ManipulatorKinematic modeling and positional control of a three-degree-of-freedom parallel stabilized robot manipulatorDownload