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Selected IMU Papers for January 2023 - Motion Capture

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
Experimental Investigations into Using Motion Capture State Feedback for Real-Time Control of a Humanoid RobotExperimental study on real-time control of humanoid robot based on motion capture state feedbackDownload
Superior Gait Symmetry and Postural Stability among Yoga Instructors-Inertial Measurement Unit-Based EvaluationEvaluation of gait symmetry and postural stability of yoga instructors based on inertial measurement unitsDownload
Evaluation of center of mass estimation for obese using statically equivalent serial chainAssessment of center of mass estimation in obese patients using static equivalent tandem chainsDownload
A Differential Inertial Wearable Device for Breathing Parameter Detection: Hardware and Firmware Development, Experimental CharacterizationA differential inertial wearable device for respiratory parameter detection: hardware and firmware development, experimental characterizationDownload
Self-Calibrating Magnetometer-Free Inertial Motion Tracking of 2-DoF JointsSelf-calibrating magnetometer-free inertial motion tracking for 2-DoF jointsDownload
Quantification of Error Sources with Inertial Measurement Units in SportsQuantification of error sources in inertial measurement units in motionDownload
Automated and Continuous Fatigue Monitoring in Construction Workers Using Forearm EMG and IMU Wearable Sensors and Recurrent Neural NetworkAutomatic Continuous Monitoring of Fatigue in Construction Workers Using Forearm EMG and IMU Wearable Sensors and Recurrent Neural NetworksDownload
Real-Time Human Activity Recognition with IMU and Encoder Sensors in Wearable Exoskeleton Robot via Deep Learning NetworksDeep Learning Network-based Real-Time Human Activity Recognition with IMU and Encoder Sensors for Wearable Exoskeleton RobotsDownload
Posture Monitoring and Correction Exercises for Workers in Hostile Environments Utilizing Non-Invasive Sensors: Algorithm Development and Algorithm Development and ValidationPostural monitoring and corrective exercises for workers in hostile environments using non-invasive sensors: algorithm development and validationDownload
Hand Gesture Recognition Using EMG-IMU Signals and Deep Q-NetworksGesture Recognition Based on EMG-IMU Signals and Deep Q NetworksDownload
Autonomous Control of the Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle in Collision Situation with Stationary ObstacleAutonomous control of an underwater remote control for collisions with stationary obstaclesDownload
Wearable Inertial Sensor-Based Hand-Guiding Gestures Recognition Method Robust to Significant Changes in the Body-Alignment of SubjectA wearable inertial sensor-based gesture recognition method that tolerates significant changes in subject body alignmentDownload
Activity Recognition With Machine Learning in Manual GrindingMachine Learning Based Recognition of Manual Grinding ActivitiesDownload
Investigating External and Internal Loads in Male Older Adult Basketball Players during Official GamesAn investigation of internal and external loads during official competition in adult male basketball playersDownload
OA-Pain-Sense: Machine Learning Prediction of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Pain from IMU DataOA pain perception: machine learning prediction of osteoarthritis pain in hip and knee based on IMU dataDownload
Visual inertial odometry based gait analysis using waist-attached RGB-D camera and inertial sensorsVisual Inertial Odometer-Based Gait Analysis Using a Waist-Length RGB-D Camera and Inertial SensorsDownload
A Comparison of Hip Muscle Mass, Muscle Power, and Clinical Outcomes with Long-Term Follow-Up in Patients with Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty Compared to Metal-on-Polyethylene Hip ArthroplastyComparison of Hip Muscle Mass, Muscle Strength, and Long-Term Follow-Up Clinical Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Metal-to-Metal Hip Arthroplasty Versus Metal-to-Polyethylene Hip Replacement SurgeryDownload
A Stable Method for Detecting Driver Maneuvers Using a Rule ClassifierA rule classifier based method for driver maneuver detectionDownload
Automated detection of construction work at heights and deployment of safety hooks using IMU with a barometerAutomated detection of construction work at height and deployment of safety hooks using IMUs with barometersDownload
ViT-LLMR: Vision Transformer-based lower limb motion recognition from fusion signals of MMG and IMUViT LLMR: Lower Limb Motion Recognition with Vision Transformer-based MMG and IMU Fusion SignalsDownload
Automatic Assessment of Functional Movement Screening Exercises with Deep Learning ArchitecturesAutomated Evaluation of Functional Movement Screening Exercises in a Deep Learning ArchitectureDownload
Extraction of Lumbar Spine Motion Using a 3-IMU Wearable ClusterExtraction of lumbar spine motion using a wearable 3-axis IMU clusterDownload
Improved Spatiotemporal Framework for Human Activity Recognition in Smart EnvironmentAn improved spatio-temporal framework for human activity recognition in intelligent environmentsDownload
Validity of Spatio-Temporal Gait Parameters in Healthy Young Adults Using a Motion-Sensor-Based Gait Analysis System (ORPHE ANALYTICS) during Walking and RunningValidity of spatiotemporal gait parameters during walking and running in healthy young people using a motion sensor-based gait analysis system (ORPHE ANALYTICS)Download
Validation of inertial measurement units to detect and predict horse behaviour while stabledValidation of inertial measurement devices to detect and predict horse behavior in stablesDownload
Multimodal Human Motion Synchronization DatasetMultimodal Human Motion Synchronization DatasetDownload
A monitoring method of freezing of gait based on multimodal fusionGait freezing monitoring method based on multimodal fusionDownload
Naturalistic E-Scooter Maneuver Recognition with Federated Contrastive Rider Interaction LearningNatural E-cooter maneuver recognition based on joint comparison rider interaction learningDownload
DRG-Keyboard: Enabling Subtle Gesture Typing on the Fingertip with Dual IMU RingsDRG Keyboard: Subtle Gesture Input at Your Fingertips with Dual IMU RingsDownload
Evaluating footwear "in the wild": Examining wrap and lace trail shoe closures during trail runningEvaluating footwear "in the field": checking shoe covers and laces during trail runsDownload
Semi-automated impact device based on human behavior recognition model for in-service modal analysisA semi-automated impact device based on human behavior recognition model for in-service modal analysisDownload
Concurrent Validity of the Inertial Measurement Unit Vmaxpro in Vertical Jump EstimationConcurrent validity of the inertial measurement unit Vmaxpro for vertical jump estimationDownload
Artificial Neural Network-Based Activities Classification, Gait Phase Estimation, and PredictionActivity classification, gait phase estimation and prediction based on artificial neural networksDownload
Design and Validation of a Low-Level Controller for Hierarchically Controlled ExoskeletonsDesign and validation of low-level controllers for hierarchically controlled exoskeletonsDownload
Inertial Tracking System for Monitoring Dual Mobility Hip Implants In VitroInertial tracking system for in vitro monitoring of dual-mobility hip implantsDownload