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Selected IMU Papers for January 2023 - Portfolio Navigation

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
Validation of an Automatic Inertial Sensor-Based Methodology for Detailed Barbell Velocity Monitoring during Maximal Paralympic Bench PressValidation of an automated inertial sensor-based method for detailed monitoring of barbell velocity during Paralympic maximum table pressesDownload
Landmark-Based Scale Estimation and Correction of Visual Inertial Odometry for VTOL UAVs in a GPS-Denied EnvironmentScale estimation and calibration of landmark-based visual inertial odometers for VTOL UAVs in GPS-unavailable environmentsDownload
Tightly Coupled Integration of BDS-3 B2b RTK, IMU, Odometer, and Dual-Antenna AttitudeTightly Coupled Integration of BeiDou Navigation System, IMU, Odometer and Dual Antenna AttitudeDownload
An Integrated UWB-IMU-Vision Framework for Autonomous Approaching and Landing of UAVsIntegrated UWB-IMU-Vision Framework for Autonomous UAV Approach and LandingDownload
From Coarse to Fine: Two-Stage Indoor Localization with Multisensor FusionFrom rough to fine: two-stage indoor localization with multi-sensor fusionDownload
Improved decentralized GNSS/SINS/odometer fusion system for land vehicle navigation applicationsImproved decentralized GNSS/SINS/odometer fusion system for land vehicle navigation applicationsDownload
Sensor fusion-based approach for the field robot localization on Rovitis 4.0 vineyard robotSensor fusion-based field robot localization for Rovitis 4.0 vineyard robotsDownload
analysis of micro-eclectromechanical intracellular measurement units for unmanned aerial vacuum applicationsAnalysis of microelectromechanical inertial measurement units for UAV applicationsDownload
Low-Cost IMU and Odometer Tightly Augmented PPP-B2b-Based Inter-Satellite Differenced PPP in Urban EnvironmentsLow-cost IMUs and odometers tightly enhance PPP-B2b-based inter-satellite differences in urban environments PPPDownload
OMC-SLIO: Online Multiple Calibrations Spinning LiDAR Inertial OdometryOMC-SLIO: Online Multiple Calibration Rotating Lidar Inertial OdometerDownload
The Impact of Telemetry Received Signal Strength of IMU/GNSS Data Transmission on Autonomous Vehicle NavigationInfluence of telemetry received signal strength of IMU/GNSS data transmission on autonomous vehicle navigationDownload
UWB-IMU-Odometer Fusion Localization Scheme: Observability Analysis and ExperimentsUWB IMU odometer fusion localization scheme: observability analysis and experimentsDownload
Improving Odometric Model Performance Based on LSTM NetworksPerformance improvement of odometer model based on LSTM networkDownload
Dual-band optoelectronic poaching detection systemsDual-frequency photoelectric poaching detection systemDownload
Performance Enhancement of INS and UWB Fusion Positioning Method Based on Two-Level Error ModelPerformance Enhancement of INS and UWB Fusion Positioning Methods Based on Two-Stage Error ModelsDownload
FT-LVIO: Fully Tightly coupled LiDAR-Visual-Inertial odometryFT-LVIO: Fully Tightly Coupled LiDAR Visual Inertial OdometerDownload
VariFi: Variational Inference for Indoor Pedestrian Localization and Tracking Using IMU and WiFi RSSVariFi: Variational Inference for Indoor Pedestrian Localization and Tracking Using IMU and WiFi RSSDownload
Observability-Enhancement Boresight Calibration of Camera-IMU System: Theory and ExperimentsTheory and Experiment: Observability Enhanced Scope Calibration for Camera IMU SystemsDownload
PGO-LIOM: Tightly-Coupled LiDAR-Inertial Odometry and Mapping Via Parallel and Gradient-Free OptimizationPGO-LIOM: Tightly Coupled LiDAR Inertial Odometry and Mapping through Parallel and Gradient-Free OptimizationDownload
Development of a Low-Cost Smart Sensor GNSS System for Real-Time Positioning and Orientation for Floating Offshore Wind PlatformDevelopment of a Low-Cost Intelligent Sensor GNSS System for Real-Time Positioning and Orientation of Floating Offshore Wind PlatformsDownload
A Fuzzy Logic-Based Energy-Adaptive Localization Scheme by Fusing WiFi and PDRA fuzzy logic energy adaptive localization scheme incorporating WiFi and PDRDownload