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Selected IMU Papers for February 2023 - Motion Capture

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
Inertial-based gait metrics during turning improve the detection of early-stage Parkinson disease patientsInertia-based gait measurement during turns improves detection of early Parkinson's disease patientsDownload
Device Attitude and Real-Time 3D Visualization: An Interface for Elderly CareGeriatric care interface: device posture and real-time 3D visualizationDownload
A Novel Physical Mobility Task to Assess Freezers in Parkinson's DiseaseEvaluation of a novel physical activity task for Parkinson's disease freezersDownload
Linear and Non-Linear Heart Rate Variability Indexes from Heart-Induced Mechanical Signals Recorded with a Skin-Interfaced IMULinear and nonlinear heart rate variability indices of cardiac evoked mechanical signals recorded with a skin interface IMUDownload
Validation of Inertial Sensors to Evaluate Gait StabilityInertial sensor validation for assessing gait stabilityDownload
Online Walking Speed Estimation Based on Gait Phase and Kinematic Model for Intelligent Lower-Limb ProsthesisOnline walking speed estimation of intelligent lower limb prosthesis based on gait phase and motion modelDownload
Human Activity Recognition Based on a Modified Capsule NetworkHuman activity recognition based on improved capsule networkDownload
PERSIST: A Multimodal Dataset for the Prediction of Perceived Exertion during Resistance TrainingPERSIST: a multimodal dataset for predicting perceived exertion during resistance trainingDownload
Conception of effective mass and effect of force - measurement of taekwon-do masterMeasurement of Taekwondo Masters - The Concept of Effective Mass and Force EffectDownload