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Selected IMU Papers for April 2023 - Positioning Constructed Maps

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNFile Links
A Freehand 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction Method Based on Deep LearningA hand-drawn 3D ultrasound reconstruction method based on deep learningDownload
Method and experiments of excavator bucket position and attitude measurement using BDS and IMUMethod and experiment for measuring bucket position and attitude of excavator using BDS and IMUDownload
3D Deformation Capture via a Configurable Self-Sensing IMU Sensor NetworkCaptures 3D deformations through a configurable, self-sensing IMU sensor networkDownload
Resilient Smartphone Positioning Using Native Sensors and PPP AugmentationResilient smartphone positioning with native sensors and PPP enhancementsDownload
3D LiDAR Point Cloud Registration Based on IMU Preintegration in Coal Mine RoadwaysIMU-based pre-integrated 3D LiDAR point cloud alignment for coal mine roadwaysDownload
Impact of Motion-Dependent Errors on the Accuracy of an Unaided Strapdown Inertial Navigation SystemThe effect of motion correlation error on the accuracy of independent short-coupled inertial navigation systemsDownload
Sensor Fusion of GNSS and IMU Data for Robust Localization via Smoothed Error State Kalman FilterSensor fusion of GNSS and IMU data for robust positioning by smoothing the error state Kalman filter202304250Download
Adaptive Adjustment of Factor's Weight for a Multi-Sensor SLAMAdaptive adjustment of factor weights for multi-sensor SLAMDownload
An ESKF Based SLAM Approach withMillimeter Wave Radar andIMUESKF-based SLAM approach for millimeter wave radar and IMUDownload
Visual-Inertial Odometry byPoint andLine Features Under Filtration andSelectionFiltering and selection of visual inertial odometry under point and line featuresDownload