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Selected IMU Papers for May 2023 - Motion Capture

Original title of the paper (English)Title of thesis after translation (Chinese)File Link Download
Upper limb assessment with inertial measurement units according to the international classification of functioning in stroke: a systematic review and correlation meta-analysisUpper extremity assessment using inertial measurement units according to the International Classification of Stroke Function: a systematic evaluation and correlation meta-analysisDownload
Simplified Markerless Stride Detection Pipeline (sMaSDP) for Surface EMG SegmentationSimplified Markerless Stride Detection Pipeline (sMaSDP) for Surface EMG Signal SegmentationDownload
ViSig: Automatic Interpretation of Visual Body Signals Using On-Body SensorsViSig: Automated interpretation of visual body signals using body-hugging sensorsDownload
Dynamic time warping-based feature selection method for foot gesture cobot operation mode selectionFeature selection for foot and hand gesture collaborative robot operation mode selection based on dynamic time warpingDownload
Title: Hip and lower limbs 3D motion tracking using a double-stage data fusion algorithm for IMU/MARG-based wearables sensorsTitle: 3D Motion Tracking of Hip and Lower Extremity Using Dual Level Data Fusion Algorithm for IMU/MARG Based Wearable Device SensorsDownload
Inertial Sensing for Lateral Walking Gait Detection and Application in Lateral Resistance ExoskeletonInertial sensing for lateral walking gait detection and its application in lateral resistance exoskeletonDownload