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Selected IMU Papers for May 2023 - Smart Hardware

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNFile Links
MobileSky: Real-Time Sky Replacement for Mobile ARMobileSky: Real-time Sky Replacement for Mobile ARDownload
An ROI Optimization Method Based on Dynamic Estimation Adjustment ModelA dynamic estimation parity model-based ROI optimization methodDownload
Validation of Alogo Move Pro: A GPS-Based Inertial Measurement Unit for the Objective Examination of Gait and Jumping in HorsesValidation of Alogo Move Pro: a GPS-based inertial measurement device for objective examination of horse gait and jumpingDownload
Extended Application of Inertial Measurement Units in Biomechanics: From Activity Recognition to Force EstimationExtended applications of inertial measurement units in biomechanics: from activity recognition to force estimationDownload
Skill Level Classification in Basketball Free-Throws Using a Single Inertial SensorApplication of single inertial sensor in basketball free-throwing technique level classificationDownload
Human activity recognition based on multi-modal fusionHuman activity recognition based on multimodal fusionDownload
3D Deformation Capture via a Configurable Self-Sensing IMU Sensor NetworkCaptures 3D deformations through a configurable, self-sensing IMU sensor networkDownload
Free-walking: Pedestrian inertial navigation based on dual foot-mounted IMUWalking Free: Pedestrian Inertial Navigation Based on Dual Pedal IMUDownload
Ultrasonic positioning and IMU data fusion for pen-based 3D hand gesture recognitionUltrasonic localization and IMU data fusion for pen-based 3D gesture recognitionDownload
A Versatile Embedded Platform for Implementation of Biocooperative Control in Upper-Limb Neuromotor Rehabilitation ScenariosMultifunctional embedded platform for bio-coordinated control of upper limb neuromotor rehabilitation scenariosDownload
Feature Extraction and NN-based Enhanced Test Maneuver Deployment for 2 DoF Vehicle Simulator2 Feature Extraction and NN-based Enhanced Test Maneuver Deployment for DoF Vehicle SimulatorDownload
IoT-Enabled Gait Assessment: The Next Step for Habitual MonitoringIoT-enabled gait assessment: the next step in habit monitoringDownload
Evaluating Gait Impairment in Parkinson's Disease from Instrumented Insole and IMU Sensor DataAssessment of gait impairment in Parkinson's disease from instrumented insoles and IMU sensor dataDownload
Evaluating the Accuracy of Determining Coordinates of Corners of the Building Surveyed in Tilt TechnologyAssessment of the accuracy of the building corner coordinates measured in the determination of the tilt techniqueDownload
A Machine Learning Pipeline for Gait Analysis in a Semi Free-Living EnvironmentA machine learning approach for gait analysis in semi-free living environmentsDownload
Longitudinal monitoring of workloads in women's division I (DI) collegiate basketball across four training periodsLongitudinal monitoring of women's Division I (DI) college basketball workload over four training periodsDownload
IMU positioning affects range of motion measurement during squat motion analysisIMU positioning affects range-of-motion measurements during deep squat motion analysisDownload