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Selected IMU Papers for January 2023 - Smart Hardware

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNDownload
Wearable Sensors and Artificial Intelligence for Physical Ergonomics: A Systematic Review of Literature文献综述:用于物理人体工程学的可穿戴传感器和人工智能Download
Development of a Wearable Framework for the Assessment of a Mechanical-Based Indicator of Falling Risk in the Field用于评估现场坠落风险的基于机械的指示器的可穿戴框架的开发Download
Monitoring safety behaviors of scaffolding workers using Gramian angular field convolution neural network based on IMU sensing data基于IMU传感数据的Gramian角场卷积神经网络监测脚手架工人的安全行为Download
The Performance of Inertial Measurement Unit Sensors on Various Hardware Platforms for Binaural Head-Tracking Applications惯性测量单元传感器在双耳头部跟踪应用的各种硬件平台上的性能Download