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IMU information sharing and knowledge dissemination - Share IMU related knowledge and industry information and share the latest IMU research results through WeChat public number, Baidu Bajia number, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, CSDN and other self-media platforms
IMU calibration algorithm research - Inertial division self-developed inertial sensor calibration technology; IMU sensor calibration algorithm research work
Famous brand IMU chip agent sales-ST, BOSCH, XSENS, muRata and other well-known IMU brand authorized agents
IMU Education Training - IMU science articles and videos for non-inertial guidance engineers
Customizable IMU solution service - One-stop service for customizable IMU calibration, selection, product development, etc. according to customer needs
Self-developed IMU development, production and sales

Inertia Master Technology - for making quality products