Trademark 3840-480

IMU Helps Unlock Underwater Exploration

In order to overcome the limitations of the underwater environment on satellite navigation signals, a research team from Shandong University is working on a revolutionary solution - to enhance the navigation performance of IMUs underwater. The research team has innovatively introduced the fusion sonar long baseline (LBL) technology, which, together with the team's self-developed algorithms, realizes the real-time error correction of IMU. When the submersible captures sonar signals from undersea beacons, the information is used to instantly calibrate the IMU, which significantly reduces navigation errors and thus provides more reliable position information for underwater navigation.

In the underwater world, where satellite navigation is ineffective, the team cleverly utilized the occasional feedback of sonar signals received by the submersible to calibrate the IMU online, which was able to rely on its own inertial system to maintain a high level of navigational accuracy, even in areas without direct sonar reference. Experimental evidence strongly supports the feasibility of this approach, demonstrating a qualitative leap in the navigation performance of IMUs calibrated with sonar LBL compared to IMUs that are not calibrated or are only calibrated with laboratory parameters.