Trademark 3840-480

Application of IMU in Featherball Serve Power

In badminton, the serve is not only the key to scoring in a match, but its technical details are also an important factor in influencing the direction of the match. Recently, a team of researchers from Slovakia and Poland utilized advanced IMU sensor technology to conduct an in-depth analysis of top players' serving techniques, aiming to reveal the effects of different serving directions on upper body movements.

In the study, four national elite-level badminton players were equipped with a system containing 13 IMU sensors that accurately captured details of the movement of key joints in the player's upper limbs and pelvis as the ball was served to three specific areas. The data was meticulously recorded at four key stages, from the ready stance, back swing, forward swing to follow-through. The results showed that the dynamic differences in the upper limb joints in terms of power and accuracy of the serve directly affected the serving effect. The use of this technology signals that the future training of cross-border badminton and other sports will be more personalized and scientific, pushing sports performance and safety to new heights.