Trademark 3840-480

IMU applied to real-world shooting

A U.S. Army research team recently conducted an innovative experiment to apply IMUs to real-world shooting scenarios, with the goal of accurately quantifying shooting actions to optimize and improve the shooting skills of combatants, especially veterans. The study reveals how IMUs are deeply involved in real-world shooting training, providing a scientific basis and practical tools for skill enhancement by accurately capturing and analyzing subtle changes in the shooting process.

The core of the experiment is to use IMU to monitor the posture changes in real combat shooting with high precision, especially focusing on the small differences in the key link of target switching.IMU is able to record and analyze the changes in the relative positions of the shooter's body and the weapon system, as well as the acceleration and angular velocity data generated by these changes in real time during long-time or high-intensity dynamic shooting activities. These basic data are processed by algorithms, and can be transformed into a series of in-depth postural mechanics indicators reflecting the shooting stability, such as the stability of the rifle in different shooting states, the coupling force effect between the shooter's torso and the weapon, and so on.

The research results show that the application of IMU not only innovates the technical means of combat shooting training, realizes the fine evaluation and adjustment of shooting action, but also builds a bridge of skill inheritance between veterans and new recruits, which strongly promotes the scientific and efficient process of army shooting training.