Trademark 3840-480

IMU applied to GPS mechanical bird

To address the situation where GPS signals are weak or disappear altogether, an interdisciplinary team has worked on a mechanical bird-form positioning solution that improves the accuracy and robustness of GPS positioning by introducing IMUs.

The accelerometer in the IMU measures the acceleration of the device in all three axes, while the gyroscope detects changes in orientation, and these data are combined to create an accurate map of the device's position around the world. However, because the IMU device itself can accumulate errors that can lead to "yaw drift," fusing the IMU with GPS using a Kalman filter not only improves positional accuracy, but also ensures that the system can continue to navigate through the IMU when GPS signals are lost or obscured.

In this era of increasing mobile services and positioning technology, it is impossible to ignore the IMU as a tool. Its combination with GPS not only ensures positioning accuracy in a wide range of environments, but also works independently to maintain navigation continuity when GPS signals are absent.