Trademark 3840-480

IMU data gloves control UAV flight

The planning of UAV flight maneuvers in unknown and complex flight environments requires gesture-assisted human-machine. To address this problem, the National Institute of Defense Technology Innovation Institute of the Military Academy of Sciences, in conjunction with the Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center and a team from East China University of Science and Technology, has developed an IMU data glove that can capture fingertip movements and gestures for human-drone interaction and assisted control, while fusing multiple sensor data to improve the performance of gesture recognition.

For the complex flight tasks of UAV, considering the user habits and accessibility of UAV control, a single-handed gesture set is designed, where all gestures correspond to the flight direction of UAV as much as possible and are easy to execute and remember. At the same time, in order to reduce the gesture misoperation rate and improve the adaptability of gesture interaction, the researchers selected some practical and commonly used gestures and combined them into a multi-gesture set to design a multi-gesture set to assist human-machine interaction.