Trademark 3840-480

IMU recognizes the location of the golf ball

Recently, an Austrian research team from Europe, in collaboration with universities and industry experts, enhanced golf training by installing IMU sensors on golf clubs to accurately identify the location of the club-ball contact point in real time. The team worked to develop a mobile solution to replace traditional static detection technology, allowing athletes to receive effective feedback on the location of their shots no matter where they are practicing. By integrating IMU sensors inside the club, collecting motion data during the swing, and analyzing it with machine learning algorithms, the team was able to decode the dynamics of the club head at the moment of impact. Experimental results show that IMU clubs are able to accurately capture the key factor affecting the dynamics of the ball's flight - the point of impact - and demonstrate a high degree of positioning accuracy.

This study confirms the feasibility of IMU sensors for detecting stroke position in golf, which greatly improves the efficiency of golf training and brings more scientific and intuitive means of teaching and self-adjustment for coaches and athletes.