Trademark 3840-480

MoCaPose: Motion Capture in Baggy Clothing

Motion gestures are a fundamental source of information about individual human activities and interactions, and capturing information about people's movements enables functions such as understanding and analyzing daily life. Although motion capture can be realized using IMUs on loose-fitting garments, it is not suitable for many real-life applications due to the need to take a large number of IMUs and fix their nodes securely and accurately to a specific body position, which limits the further integration of fashion and technology.

To make it easier to track user activities in daily life, a team of researchers from Germany has proposed a novel wearable motion capture method, MoCaPose, which continuously tracks the dynamic posture of the wearer's upper body through sensors integrated into a loose-fitting garment. Unlike traditional wearable IMUs based on inverse dynamics, MoCaPose decouples the sensor position from the posture system, allowing smart clothing that blends technology and fashion to be worn in everyday life.