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TDK All-in-One IMU Evaluation Board SmartBug2.0 as Cute as a Seven Star Ladybug

Following the success of the initial SmartBug in 2019, in early January 2023, TDK announced the launch of the InvenSense SmartBug 2.0 evaluation board.

SmartBug2.0 is similar to SmartBug in appearance, still using the cute ladybug shape, but SmartBug2.0 uses a lower power consumption ICM-45686-S IMU, while integrating machine learning, head tracking solution, Air Motion solution.

  • ICM-45686-S IMU: The SmartBug 2.0 replaces the ICM-42688-P IMU with the latest BalancedGyro IMU, the ICM-456xy, TDK's lowest power IMU in the world (220 µA @ 50 Hz 6 axis). Battery life has been increased by a factor of 3, enabling developers to collect high-quality IMU data for longer periods of time. The new IMU also provides excellent temperature stability and vibration suppression, making SmartBug 2.0 suitable for products such as AR glasses, VR, OIS, drones, MR, TWS, and robotics for prototyping, data collection, and machine learning-based algorithm development.
  • Machine Learning.A key feature of SmartBug 2.0 is the introduction of Machine Learning (ML). Developers, ODMs, OEMs and product developers can now build machine learning solutions for the ICM-45686-S IMU using SmartBug 2.0 and TDK's Sensor Inference Framework (SIF). Enabling users to collect IMU sensor data, select custom features, build ML models, test performance, deploy and run these models on the ICM-456xy IMU with SmartBug 2.0. This end-to-end solution allows ML enthusiasts to develop custom motion classification algorithms and run them on a 2.5*3 mm IMU with a current consumption as low as 30 µA. Some examples include algorithms for motion classification (squat, open and closed jump, side planks, or push-ups) and wrist posture classification (grappling, clenching, rocking, or resting patterns).
  • Head Tracking Program. SmartBug 2.0 adds TDK's head tracking solution (VibeSense360) for TWS and AR applications. This will help TWS and audio companies to collect raw sensor and head orientation data from TDK solutions at the lowest power (280 µA at 50 Hz) and understand the unique characteristics about enabled spatial audio.
  • Air Motion Solution. SmartBug 2.0 enhances TDK's Air Motion solution by adding swipe gestures, remote directional gestures and accurate cursor tracking to the Smart TV remote.
  • Data collection improvements.Based on user feedback, SmartBug 2.0 also updates the streaming and logging parameters in SmartBug to enable longer duration streaming and logging of multi-sensor and algorithmic data.

At the same time, SmartBug 2.0 retains the user interface, BLE, WIFI, USB, SD card recording and previous applications such as asset monitoring, smart door lock, sensor fusion, etc. It maintains the original SmartBug experience and is widely applicable to wearable devices, IoT devices, AR glasses and other application scenarios.