Trademark 3840-480

TDK IAM-20380HT is the world's first high-temperature gyroscope for automotive use, with a maximum operating temperature of 105°.

TDK Corporation has announced the launch of the InvenSense IAM-20380HT high-temperature automotive monolithic 3-axis motion tracking sensor platform solution for automotive applications, which includes the IAM-20380HT 3-axis MEMS gyroscope and the DK-20380HT development kit. The sensor is part of the SmartAutomotive™ family of products.

The IAM-20380HT, a standalone gyroscope in a thin 3 x 3 x 0.75 mm (16-pin LGA) package, operates over a wide range of temperatures to provide reliable and highly accurate measurement data for a variety of automotive applications, such as navigation and waypoint derivation, vehicle tracking, telematics, door control and vision systems.

Utilizing TDK's MEMS sensor manufacturing technology, the IAM-20380HT, like all products belonging to the SmartAutomotive™ family, is a single system-on-chip.

The IAM-20380HT delivers best-in-class low-noise performance and leading bias instability for accurate vehicle positioning, on-chip 16-bit ADC and industry-leading sensitivity tolerance. It offers extended FIFO depth of up to 4096 bytes and two independent programmable interrupts compared to the previous generation 3-axis gyroscope.

Alberto Marinoni, senior director of automotive product marketing at TDK InvenSense, said, "With the introduction of the IAM-20380HT, TDK further extends its SmartAutomotive™ family and its leadership in the automotive market, fulfilling its Enriching Lives through Smart Sensing Solutions The IAM-20380HT takes highly automated driving systems to the next level, enhancing the user experience and making vehicles smarter and greener."

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