Trademark 3840-480

Xsens MTw: Inertial motion trapping helps biomechanical research

Biomechanical research is relevant to the quality of life of all people. And in the broad field of biomechanical research, motion capture has its vital role. It is a tool that provides users with visual data, images to explain how their subjects move. From helping patients' rehabilitation to improving athletes' form, it has a vital role for research centers, universities, hospitals and private medical institutions around the world.

MTw 2 from Xsens Technologies is an inertial motion capture device. Compared to other motion capture systems based on external transmitters and cameras, inertial motion capture does not rely on any external infrastructure and can be used anywhere. Body link position, joint angle, velocity, acceleration and other quantitative data can be obtained with this device to obtain relevant metrics.

It is very easy to use, simply wearing each small sensor on different parts of the body to obtain motion data. The researcher then outputs visual images through its accompanying software.