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Xsens MVN motion capture system turns "virtual into reality"

Headquartered in the NetherlandsXsensFounded in 2000, the company has become a leading global developer and manufacturer of miniature MEMS inertial measurement technology for motion, attitude measurement and positioning.

Xsens sensor fusion technology enables seamless interaction between the physical and digital worlds in applications such as industrial control and stabilization, health, motion, and 3D character animation.With more than two decades of experience, Xsens has been widely recognized for its superior quality, highly user-friendly motion tracking and motion capture products.

Animation with Xsens MVN

Traditional animated movies require large teams of animators and a lot of resources to be invested in shot rendering. Unlike traditional methods, thanks to the Xsens MVN system, creator Dulull was able to lead a small and flexible team to make the movie in a world constructed by the Unreal Engine, and was able to continuously improve the animation throughout the production process.

With Xsens' Motioncloud platform, London-based animator Dulull can easily collaborate with Florida-based motion capture specialist Gabriella Krousaniotakis because they can share and process data in the cloud. As artists, we're always trying to get that last 10% away from 100 percent perfection, to take a film from 'very good' to 'very good,' and with the real-time production process, Xsens' motion capture speed and accuracy, we can do that. speed and accuracy, we can do that!"

Create a technological show with Xsens MVN

Capturing the dancers' fluid dance movements with Xsens MVN and digitizing them to deliver the energy of mixed reality performances to the global esports competition audience.

Xsens motion capture suit drift phenomenon is very little, can accurately convey the power and agility of each action, can let the performer in the landing immediately after jumping again, there will be no character into the ground and other phenomena such as through the mold. Creative director kee said: "The Xsens motion capture kit is more like an inside-out tracking rather than an outside-in tracking like other kits."

The show at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Global Esports Games sparked enthusiasm among the audience with its unique format, and the attention surrounding the show has confirmed the unique appeal of the mixed reality show based on the Xsens motion capture suite.

Motion monitoring with the Xsens MVN system

 Ski jumping is a special sport that has a limited number of days in a year for training. The Beijing Winter Olympics ski jumping champion, LINGU KOBAYASHI, uses Xsens MVN for sports monitoring in order to better prepare for training and to check sports performance.

Wearing the Xsens MVN suit, Kobayashi's posture and trajectory in the air are captured and recorded, and the data is integrated into a 3D scan model of the athlete, which is then simulated and analyzed using a supercomputer for lift and drag. With this data, Kobayashi's team can determine the key points of the jump and use them to improve Kobayashi's athletic performance.

Professor Yamamoto, Kobayashi's coach, explained: "Changes between milliseconds are omnipresent and critical factors in ski jumping, and even the slightest change in posture can have a significant impact on airflow and aerodynamics. The purpose of our research is aerodynamic analysis, for which we need a system that can measure the athlete's posture with high accuracy.We chose Xsens because of its accuracy and the overall weight and size of the system, strong enough to capture the complexity of jumping, yet light enough not to interfere with the athlete's performance."

Numerous athletes have used Xsens motion capture technology to improve athletic performance in sports including running, golf, tennis and more. The use of motion capture devices in sports is increasing every year as more and more athletes want to learn more about how they move.