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 Wearable Inertial Motion Capture System

Xsens Mvn Awinda Starter

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Xsens Mvn Awinda starter Inertial Whole Body Motion Capture Device Hardware (Wireless Basic)

Xsens Mvn Awinda starter is the most affordable inertial motion capture system, whether it's for gaming, film, animation or virtual live streaming, Xsens Mvn will provide you with accurate motion capture data, Xsens Mvn broadens the boundaries of various industries with its advanced anti-magnetic interference capability, which can provide users with accurate data from anywhere inside or outside of the studio. data.

  • Most Affordable and High Quality Xsens Mvn Products
  • No magnetic interference, can be anywhere for motion capture
  • Accurate, reliable and real-time motion capture
  • Very convenient and quick to place sensors
  • Ideal for low dynamic motion



Product Features

Xsens Mvn has three hardware versions, MVN Awinda Starter, MVN Awinda, and MVN Link.

Both versions of the MVN Awinda feature 17 wireless sensors and attach to the body via an adjustable shoulder strap and t-shirt to support simple, fast and reliable motion capture.The MVN Link features 17 wireless sensors but connects via a Lycra suit to ensure more accurate data measurement and allow for a higher recording range. In addition, the MVN Link has GNSS support.


Hardware comparisons (each possesses its own features):


MVN Awinda Starter MVN Awinda
wireless range Up to 20 meters Up to 50 meters
refresh rate 60 Hz 60 Hz
Battery life 6 hours. 6 hours.
fig. rest and recuperate Charging Cable charging station
transducers 17 wireless sensors 17 (+1) wireless sensors
procrastinate 30ms 30ms
outfits Full Body Strap Set Full Body Strap Set
snug fit 30s 30s30s
wireless communications Awinda Receiver Dongle Awinda receiving station
outer packaging Simple suitcase Specialized backpacks

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