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Differential RTK Combined Navigation System

Xsens MTi-680G  

Tags: automated agricultural equipment, self-driving cars and boats, drones and other applications


The MTi-680G represents the highest standard in GNSS/INS (Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Navigation System) with an internally integrated real-time kinematic receiver (RTK). With the MTi-680G's RTK function, you can improve your position data from meter to centimeter accuracy. The MTi-680G is equipped with a ruggedized enclosure with IP68 protection from the environment.The MTi-680G has a powerful on-board u-blox ZED F9 RTK GNSS receiver for superior positioning performance.The MTi-680G is part of the MTi 600 series and integrates seamlessly into your application with native CAN support.

  • Rugged, IP68 rated GNSS/INS

  • Roll/tilt accuracy of 0.2 degrees, centimeter-level positional accuracy

  • GNSS receiver with built-in u-blox ZED F9 RTK support


norm Movella Xsens MTi-680G RTK GNSS/INS module
Sensor Fusion Performance
Roll, Pitch 0.2 deg RMS
Yaw/heading 0.5 deg RMS
placement 1cm+1ppm CEP
tempo 0.05m/s RMS
Full scope of the standard 2000 edg/s
Bias stability in operation 8 deg/h
Bandwidth (-3dB) 520 Hz
noise intensity 0.007 º/s/√Hz
g-sensitivity (calibr.) 0.1 º/s/g
Full scope of the standard 10 g
Bias stability in operation 10 (x, y) 15 (z) g
Bandwidth (-3dB) 500 Hz
noise intensity 60 µg/√Hz
Full scope of the standard +/- 8G
Total RMS noise 1 mG
nonlinear (math.) 0.2%
resolution (of a photo) 0.25 mG
GNSS receiver
branding u-blox
mould ZED F9
RTK correction input RTCM 3.2/3.3
RTCM Input Port RS232 (38K4-921K6 bit/s)
Full scope of the standard 300-1250 hPa
Total RMS noise 1.2 Pa
relative accuracy +/- 8 Pa (~0.5m)
Other parameters
IP rating IP68
operating temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Housing Material aluminum
Mounting direction Unlimited, 360 degree rotation on all axes
sizes 56.5x40.9x36.75 mm
connectors Main: ODU (AMC HD 12 pins) RTCM: ODU (AMC HD 4 pins) Antenna: SMA
weights 98 g
accreditation CE, FCC, RoHS
electric power source
Input Voltage 4.5 -24 V
Power consumption (typical) <1 W
Interface / IO
connector CAN, RS232
Synchronization Options Synchronous input, synchronous output, clock synchronization
pact Xbus, ASCII (NMEA) or CAN
clock drift 1 ppm
output frequency Up to 2 kHz, 400 Hz SDI
Built-in self-test Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, GNSS
software suite
GUI MT Manager, Firmware Updater, Magnetic Field Mapper
SDK (sample code) C++, C#, Python, Matlab, Nucleo, Public Source Code
drive (vehicle wheel) LabVIEW, ROS, GO

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