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Attitude & Heading Reference System

Xsens MTi-300 

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Built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis acceleration; real-time data update for real-time measurement. Typical inertial measurement unit, all have MEMS device composition. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use.The MTi-200 features vibration suppression gyroscopes to provide high quality inertial data even in challenging environments.The MTi-200's integrated sensor system supports optimized temperature calibration, high-frequency outputs, and has configurable output settings for synchronization with any third-party device.

  • Xsens' high-performance product line
  • Roll/pitch accuracy of 0.2 degrees, ultra-low heading drift
  • Complete SDKs and development kits available
norm Movella Xsens MTi-300 Attitude & Heading Reference System
Sensor Fusion Performance
Roll, Pitch 0.2 deg RMS
Yaw/heading 1 deg RMS
Jetlink Integration (SDI) be in favor of
Full scope of the standard 450 deg/s
Bias stability in operation 10 deg/h
Bandwidth (-3dB) 415 Hz
noise intensity 0.01 º/s/√Hz
g-sensitivity (calibr.) 0.003 º/s/g
Full scope of the standard 20 g
Bias stability in operation 15 µg
Bandwidth (-3dB) 375 Hz
noise intensity 60 µg/√Hz
Full scope of the standard +/- 8G
Total RMS noise 0.5 mG
nonlinear (math.) 0.2%
resolution (of a photo) 0.25 mG
Full scope of the standard 300-1100 hPa
Total RMS noise 3.6 Pa
relative accuracy ~0.08m
Other parameters
IP rating IP67
operating temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Housing Material aluminum
Mounting direction Unlimited, 360 degree rotation on all axes
sizes 57x41.90x23.60 mm
connectors Fischer SV
weights 55 g
accreditation CE, FCC, RoHS, MIL-STD-202
electric power source
Input Voltage 3V3, 4.5 -34 V
Power consumption (typical) 520 mW
Interface / IO
connector USB, RS232, RS422, UART
Synchronization Options Synchronous input, synchronous output, clock synchronization
pact Xbus, ASCII (NMEA)
clock drift 10 ppm (or external)
output frequency Up to 2 kHz
Built-in self-test Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer
software suite
GUI MT Manager, Firmware Updater. Magnetic Field Mapper
SDK (sample code) C++, C#, Python, Matlab, Nucleo, Public Source Code
drive (vehicle wheel) LabVIEW, ROS, GO
be in favor of Based on XSENS: online manual, community and knowledge base

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