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 Visually enhanced inertial navigation system (VINS)

Xsens Vision Navigator



Movella Xsens Vision Navigator Vision Enhanced Inertial Navigation System is a GNSS/Inertial Navigation System vision navigation unit with 2 built-in RTK GNSS receivers, Movella Xsens Vision Navigator is supported by visual inertial odometer technology for accurate tracking of 3D position and speed for redundancy and precise positioning in most outdoor environments. It also maintains excellent positional accuracy in areas with weak GNSS signals.

Product Features

  • Vision Navigator's position drift is dependent on the distance traveled, not on time as is common in traditional GNSS/INS devices.
  • Dual antennas and a built-in IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) provide Vision Navigator with reliable heading information, which enables Vision Navigator to accurately provide heading position even at low speeds or when stopped and motionless.
  • Vision Navigator can also receive odometer data and has an internal recording memory.
  • Movella Xsens Vision Navigator has a browser-based graphical user interface and is powered by ROS, which holds Github resources.



norm Movella Xsens Vision Navigator Vision Enhanced Inertial Navigation System
Sensor Fusion Performance
Roll, Pitch < 0.4 edg (1 meter antenna baseline)
RTK positioning accuracy 1 cm+1 ppm
Position accuracy during GNSS outages 0.75% of distance traveled
tempo 0.1 m/s
Full scope of the standard 2000 edg/s
noise intensity 65 µg/√Hz
GNSS receiver
branding u-blox
mould ZED-F9P (2x, inertial)
RTK correction input RTCM 3.3
RTCM Input Port Ethernet, wilf or serial
Full scope of the standard 260-1250 hPa
Total RMS noise 0.75Pa
IP rating IP67
operating temperature -30 to 85 ºC
Housing Material aluminum (chemistry)
Mounting direction Determined by the surrounding environment
sizes 129x113.6x30 mm
connectors M8 8-pins x3, M8 4-pins x1, SMA x3, USB-C x1
weights 420g
accreditation CE
electric power source
Input Voltage 4.5-36V
Power consumption (typical) 7.5W
connector UART, Ethernet, Wifi, USB-C
Synchronization Options SyncIn,SyncOut(PPS)
pact ASCII, NMEA and ROS
output frequency Up to 200 Hz
software suite
GUI Browser-based graphical user interface
SDK (sample code) Github C++ Library
drive (vehicle wheel) ROS
be in favor of Based on XSENS: online manual, community and knowledge base

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