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Selected IMU Papers for March 2023 - Motion Capture

Thesis Title_ENPaper Title_CNFile Links
The Design of GNSS/IMU Loosely-Coupled Integration Filter for Wearable EPTS of Football PlayersLoosely coupled GNSS/IMU integrated filter design for wearable EPTS for soccer playersDownload
Online Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition for UAV Motion PlanningOnline gesture detection and recognition for UAV motion planningDownload
Nine-axis inertial measurement unit output discriminates activities of varying intensity in the dogNine-axis inertial measurement unit output can differentiate between different intensities of activity in the dogDownload
Test-Retest and Between-Device Reliability of Vmaxpro IMU at Hip and Ankle for Vertical Jump MeasurementTesting of Vmaxpro IMU for vertical jump measurements at hip and ankle - retest and interdevice reliabilityDownload
Validation of 3D Knee Kinematics during Gait on Treadmill with an Instrumented Knee BraceValidation of three-dimensional knee joint kinematics during gait on a treadmill with an instrumented knee braceDownload
Accuracy and Interpretation of the Acceleration from an Inertial Measurement Unit When Applied to the Sprint Performance of Track and Field AthletesAccuracy and interpretation of inertial measurement unit acceleration when applied to sprint performance of track and field athletesDownload
Upper Limb Joint Angle Estimation Using Wearable IMUs and Personalized Calibration AlgorithmUpper limb joint angle estimation based on wearable IMU and personalized calibration algorithmDownload
Differences between Sexes and Speed Levels in Pelvic 3D Kinematic Patterns during Running Using an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)Differences in gender and speed levels in three-dimensional pelvic movement patterns during running with inertial measurement devicesDownload
Inertial Sensor Location for Ground Reaction Force and Gait Event Detection Using Reservoir Computing in GaitInertial sensor locations for ground reaction force and gait event detection using reservoir calculations in gaitDownload
A Novel Three-Dimensional Positioning Method for Foot-Mounted Pedestrian Navigation System Using Low-Cost Inertial SensorA 3D positioning method for pedestrian navigation system based on low-cost inertial sensorsDownload
Changes in Coordination and Its Variability with an Increase in Functional Performance of the Lower ExtremitiesChanges in coordination and its variability with increasing functional performance of the lower limbsDownload
A mixed reality system combining augmented reality, 3D bio-printed physical environments and inertial measurement unit sensors for task planningMixed reality system combining augmented reality, 3D bioprinted physical environments and inertial measurement unit sensors for mission planningDowdloa
Designing and implementation of IMU-based wearable real-time jump meter for vertical jump height measurementDesign and implementation of IMU-based wearable real-time jump meter for vertical jump height measurementDownload
Acceleration spikes and attenuation response in the trunk in amateur tennis players during real game actionsAcceleration spikes and decay response in the torso of amateur tennis players during actual game actionDownload
Gait Event Prediction Using Surface Electromyography in Parkinsonian PatientsUsing surface electromyography to predict gait events in patients with Parkinson's diseaseDownload
A Dual-Axis Rotation Scheme for Redundant Rotational Inertial Navigation SystemA two-axis rotation scheme for a redundant rotating inertial navigation systemDownload
Correlation of Acceleration Curves in Gravitational Direction for Different Body Segments during High-Impact Jumping ExercisesCorrelation of acceleration profiles in different body segments in the direction of gravity during high-impact jumping movementsDownload