Trademark 3840-480

IMU Assessment of Postpartum Rectus Abdominis Separation Rehabilitation

Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRA) is caused by hyperextension of the abdominal fibrous connective tissue, the white line of the abdomen, and the goal of this study is to analyze postpartum rehabilitation through inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor signals. Conventional rehabilitation usually consists of targeted physical therapy, where the patient is monitored to perform exercises.The IMU plays an important function in this regard.

This study utilized IMU signals to classify rectus abdominis exercises to differentiate between exercise movements. Physical therapy in rehabilitation emphasizes rectus abdominis exercises, which aim to restore compactness to the abdominal white line. Rehabilitation physical therapy exercises are critical for reducing rectus abdominis separation, and IMU signal analysis provides physical therapists with a powerful tool for exercises to achieve desired results.